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In today’s relentless 24-hour news cycle, getting your voice heard can be a struggle. That’s where Nine Edges PR comes in. Set up by Sheffield school friends James and Laurence, we have more than 30 years’ combined experience in modern, switched-on, 21st century communications.

There’s plenty of agencies out there of course. But many offer an identikit, one size-fits all, approach – where your own individual voice and expertise can be lost and your objectives – and how you measure them – are lost in the noise.

From giving you the confidence to appear on the BBC Breakfast Sofa to developing your first communications plan; from developing your social media and key messages to running your events, conferences and seminars; and developing your people as experts, Nine Edges PR aims to do public relations that speaks for you.

We are developing a reputation for a full range of content and stakeholder relations work – working with charities, small businesses and the people of Sheffield. Read about our clients here.

Sheffield is a truly global city. And we believe its strengths are in its people, and the networks they create to innovate, challenge and succeed. We’ve both witnessed the power of this connectivity for ourselves. Why not call us to tell us your challenges, and see how Nine Edges PR, and our supporting team, can help you achieve your dreams.